16 September 2012

Gelly Roll Moonlight Pen Review

I bought these pens from Cult Pens a few months back as I loved the idea of having some neon gel pens, I get so distracted from what I go to buy on Cult Pens EVERY time and end up ordering a lot of random pens, which you shall see in the coming weeks! I thought I would blog about them!

Here they are in all their glory:


They are so cute and feel very nice to hold, I like the way how the cap acts as a way to stop them from rolling away, as pens that are usually completely round roll away from me all the time!

I did also buy a florescent Orange pen as well, but this seems to of been misplaced! (INSERT SAD FACE)


Their nibs are apparently a 1.00mm ball with a 0.5mm line, but I would say the line was more 1.00mm or 0.7mm at the smallest, it does not compare to any of my 0.5mm pens at all, it is a lot thicker!


On the Cult Pens site it says "Ultra vivid, opaque ink colors on white or dark paper" but to be honest, I have found that some of the colours are a bit dull, I just saw this "Fluorescent colours glow under ultra-violet light" and that makes me excited, but honestly, I am not often near a black light with my Filofax to test this out....I have always been tempted to own a black light tho.... interesting! 

The green seems to be the flattest colour, where as the Yellow is the brightest it would appear it needs to be used on a darker page! Not that I have tried it yet, and the yellow seems to leave extra ink behind which you can see below. 


It can sometimes take a while for them to dry!

Apparently according to the website the normal pens are fad resistant but these neon ones which I have bought fade in direct sunlight, just if you wanted to know. 

They do not show through on most paper as it states on the website they are pretty good for that, I have written on Filofax paper and some of the colours show through but they don't necessarily bleed through its just the high pigment and the fact the paper is very thin it kind of shines through in light, if you get what I am saying?

Overall I really like these pens! And would definitely recommend them, but I would say get more standard colours like black and blue as they feel very nice to write with and I think they would be really good pens to use normally!

You can buy the Gelly Roll Moonlight pen at Cult Pens!


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