05 September 2012

Visiting Dodo Towers - Dodolicious Tea Party!

The first time I found out that Lord Dodo, and Dodo Towers were in Cornwall was in 2011, when I received a message on a Youtube video asking if I wanted to try out their 2011 A5 Diary, which I did! And this led to me finding out they have their head office in CORNWALL!! How this was very exciting for me, I received the diary at the beginning of June and did my review in July, you can see the review HERE!

They spoke to me a few times, and invited me down, but I could never make it due to the fact that I couldn't drive, a friend of mine went to their open day last October/November time at Dodo Towers, I was seriously so jealous!

Then all changed when I met my lovely current boyfriend, he helped me pass my driving test, so I was free to do ANYTHING! THANK YOU

We had a day trip to the Royal Cornwall Show, where we met LORD DODO!!!!!!!! Well the face behind it, Lady Dodo! It was so exciting, HERE is my blog post with the pictures, but I will post the picture below...


See me and Lady Dodo match! Purple is obviously the way forward and the new Fashionable colour! ;)


I got to see the new 2013 LARGER Personal Filofax Dodo pad layout, which was really exciting, sorry about my simple expression on my face, I was ever so excited!

Roll forward to August, I had planned a trip, with the lovely Icclewu, she was to come down with her two daughters and we were to have the FILOFAX TOUR!

She came down on Thursday 2 August, which was amazing, and we planned to visit Lord Dodo on the Friday! It came to the Friday and a few things went wrong on our Trip, Perranporth was so busy, as I think that Boardmasters (I went in 2010, see my blog post) was causing all tourists to leave Newquay! 

So we were really early, and couldn't get hold of Lord Dodo to ask if we could come early, so we wandered around, went to the Ice Cream place, watched how Ice cream was made, ate some, then came the time, we got a text, it was a Dodolicious text giving us the all clear!

We left, we drove, we didn't get lost, we found it!




Here is the Dodolicious Lady Dodo herself, Rebecca! (She is coming to the Philofaxy Meet up this month! eeeeek)

Now to the inside of the office...



Looks as if some Dodo parcels are being created? I wonder if anyone we know has ordered something.....that would be mad....


Sorry about the blurry picture of the signage, but I had to take it!







Here is the inside, with all the displays, it was oh so exciting, and then the tea party started, and we got to look at all sorts of products, oh it was like Christmas for me!


FRENCH FANCIES (I love them) as you can tell we ate them....



They no longer make those post it notes any more.... we WANT THEM!!!!! PLEASE LORD DODO!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


We discussed a little idea for a product they could do, which I HOPE THEY START TO MAKE AS I WOULD LOVE IT!!!



I bought, a 2012 Personal sized Dodo Pad, and some Dodo Diary Stickers.... I have always wanted to try some!

They were all discussing the products... having a lovely time...



Tracy had a drink from a Dodolicious mug!


A last group photo and it was time to say Goodbye!!!

 It was such a lovely tea party and I would love to go back one day!!!

I would love it if Lord Dodo created our idea....... It would be most Perfect! 




  1. It was an awesome day!!! I loved it, and it would be genius if Lord Dodo could create our idea :)

  2. Now that looks like somewhere I could spend hours!!! Glad you all had a fab time x

  3. Wow it's totally different than what I imagined! Great getting a peek behind the scenes. I do have to know: is that shiny pop of pink on the table someone's wallet? For a minute I thought it was a new style of zipped compact planner/wallet?! Whatever it is, it sure is pretty!