02 October 2012

Ring Problems - Quality Controll Issues - Filofax

I seem to have so many issues with rings and Filofaxes...

I have had issues with...(from day of purchase)

2 Personal Cuban Zip Filofaxes
Personal Deco in Brown 
Compact Regency in Brown
Personal Osterley in Plum

Here is a close up of the two most recent Filofaxes, some people may think, oh that is nothing, but this is a serious fault!


Compact Regency

Had issue from day one, but just got more annoying, cost £110 - Want to return it.
Bottom ring has the issue


Personal Osterley 

Two top rings are misaligned, I am going to return it next week.

I know I have had other issues with Filofaxes too, and quite a few have had ring issues. But this needs to stop, the quality control of Filofax is ridiculous to let so many badly made Filofaxes through the net! 

I hope I am able to return both to where I purchased them, due to how fed up I am with having these issues and the fact my pages get caught. I do not want them fixed as I know they were not perfect when I bought them and it has kind of ruined the whole experience for me.

I am one VERY UNHAPPY Filofax customer, and am starting to think I never ever want to buy from them again!

If you have had issues with your Filofaxes/Filofax do a blog post about all the issues! We should collect them together and send them all to SlamPR and Filofax in one email. I know they will take NO NOTICE.

From a very unsatisfied customer!


  1. Hi Imy!

    I have had the same problems with some of my filofax organisers. I returned them or wanted a new one. It makes me always unhappy. Because of these issues I started to buy my filofaxes in shops and not online so I can check the ring and anything else.

    Filofax is so expensive and some people already said that the quality is gone. They said the organiser years ago (20 years ago) a better than the newer ones.

    Maybe filofax should focus on quality and not trend and of yourse not only on temperly fashion - this is going on my nerves.

    I hope you unterstood what I mean.

    Greets from germany.

  2. Purchased a purple A5 Malden about 6 weeks ago Imy and the bottom ring is not aligned and its so annoying as the paper keeps getting stuck. I can't be without it so until I can purchase another one while its getting fixed I'm kinda stuck with it. Pretty annoying as it was just under £100 :(. I love it too.

  3. I'm feeling rather stupid having read this and looked at your photos, because almost all of my FF are worse than this, and I've always thought it was just the way it is :( I know I have a real problem with one where there is a massive gap in one of the rings, but the others pretty much all have small gaps or misalignments I think, except for my Chameleon.

  4. Wow, reading and seeing this has made me feel really rather stupid, because I think almost all of my FF have rings like this or with gaps, and I've just accepted it as the way they are :(

  5. Sorry to hear about all the ring problems. I think I must be the only person who hasn't had any issues whatsoever. All my Filos, old and new, have been perfect.

  6. I bought a personal Malden a couple of months ago and the top ring is a little out of alignment causing pages to occasionally catch. There's really no excuse for that and it's a HUGE flaw. We turn pages constantly so it is definitely a problem.

  7. My A5 Metropol has a misaligned ring, and I've been putting up with it (living at the edge of the world makes returns a bit ridiculous), until I found an old Debden binder. It's got perfect, nice thick rings, and now I'm torn between the two.

    If I was looking to buy a new binder, I wouldn't bother tracking down a filofax again.

  8. I just got my Filofax Finsbury in the mail a couple of days ago. I recently set it up and noticed that the teeth on the rights were not aligned as well as the fourth ring having a minute gap. One of the reasons why I purchased the Finsbury was because it material is a lot better than my old Metropol. The organiser was expensive and I was highly disappointed that the rings weren't aligned. My old Metropol's rings were perfectly aligned and there was very little chance that the inserts wouldn't get caught. I plan to phone Filofax USA on Monday morning and complain ... hopefully it wouldn't fall on deaf ears.

  9. I purchase my original nude Personal on Filofaxusa.com, and I have the same ring issues as you do, they even look worse than yours, and everytime I flip pages they got stuck. It's just SO Disappointing. I only started to use it right now but I had purchased it for around 27 days. But I don't have any original packaging anymore. I am contacting their customer service and waiting for a reply. If this happens again, I will never use Filofax. $100 for ring gaps..... gotta be kidding me.

  10. I have a problem with my personal Malden and that is that the leather is bulky not doesn´t feel nice as all. I have sent a photo of it as well as a complain to Filofax Sweden, so I will see what they will do about it.