10 August 2011

Re: Fashion Help - Work/Smart Clothes


After my little call out for help yesterday, I was offered a lot of help, thank you very much, I'm still waiting for a few to come in who offered it but otherwise I had some great help.

I loved most of the things you all showed me, there are some things I liked the looks of as well, but I wanted your opinions on if they will suit me or if I will just look like a sack of potatoes, and also if I have this smart idea right?

I do not know why but I really fancy a pair of high waisted black trousers, (I'm not usually this adventurous with clothes), as I thought they may cover my belly a bit and look nice? Rather than giving me extra bulges from the trousers sitting on my hips and my belt adding an extra roll, if that makes sense?


These are the trousers I was looking at, now will they make me look awful or suit me?

Then I wanted to have a top and some shirts to tuck in to them, but to be nice colours, as I have a colourful personality I kind of feel like as I'm dressing smart I should show that with some nice bright colours and make the occasion a bit more cheerful?

So I first chose a Ted Baker top, its just like an expensive vest top really, but I loved the bright colour!


(sorry about the quality of the pictures I just did screen prints)

I thought this would look really nice tucked in, with maybe a black cardigan or a jacket which is below somewhere?

Now on to the Blouses/Shirts
oasis shirt

This is a Oasis shirt, this is just to show the colour, as I want it in the plumb, I do have another picture to show the shirt.


Which isn’t much bigger really! Sorry, I'm not sure if its going to be too clingy on my fat bits, but then it looks to be a baggy shirt rather than a clingy one?

Then I found a very similar shirt, just in a plain pale pink, it looks really pretty.


Its just from their own brand make, nothing special.


This is their own brand again, but it’s a navy blue blazer, I have always like the idea of a blazer, but never really had the guts to try anything (I'm a very boring, t-shirt and jeans kinda girl).

So tell me truthfully am I shopping for my former skinnier self here or would any of this actually work on me?

I am worried its going to be the first option, hope not!

Anyway I look forward to reading your responces!




  1. I bought some high-waisted pants this year and after sitting in my office all day I wanted to die. My suggestion is to get them in a stretchy fabric, and make sure they're not even a centimeter too small in the hips and waist. I had some really awful red blotches after I took mine off. :( I think they're made for standing around like a model in, not sitting and moving. ;)

  2. Hi Imy! Here are my thoughts:
    High waisted trousers are lovely but if I were you I would get a pair in wide leg preferably or boot cut can be just as flattering. Those ones which are gathered at the top and taper in at the bottom are suitable for stick insects only! Not like us real women hehe. I really like the first oasis shirt in the pale pink colour, but I prefer their own brand one in pale pink. Then you can dress it up with a chunky necklace or a nice scarf since its quite plain. I really like the navy blazer. If it finishes at the right part of your waist these can be flattering too and will look nice and smart :)
    Just my thoughts, hope they make sense to you xo

  3. Mrs. G - I will order them in 2 sizes one bigger one normal size, just i thought that if i wear ones that sit in the normal place the shirts will not look right, as the highwaisted ones will cover my belly a bit and give a tidyer line (wow great english and spelling, sorry)

    Amanda21xo - I always find that if trousers and too wide legged on me, they make me look fatter, as they make my legs look huge :-( but i dont mind bootcut but hard to find appropriate ones that dont cut me in half in my belly :-(

    The oasis shirt, i am going for the raspberry one, as it was a nicer colour, i may try some jeggings in black or something? as my legs are not really fat then i could have the shirt tucked in..hmmmm lol

    im excited to order the stuff on Friday then when i get it, my boyfriend and i are going to have a photo shoot with the clothes and i can get all your opinions hehe :-) xxx