06 August 2011

Filofax Special Edition Pocket Filofax - GIVEAWAY


I was just sitting here on a Saturday evening after a hectic day and had the feeling to do a youtube video, but as my laptop that I do them on has died I had to leave it and do a blog post instead!

Now I wanted to do a Cribs style photo blog and some details on the insides and outsides of the beautiful Pocket Sized Special Filofax made with Crystalized Swarovski Elements, the prize that you could all win! And first of all to prove I have one for me and one for one of you lucky people I thought I would take two photos of them together, this is kind of a little thing to tempt you in to wanting to win more, I love all the entries I have had so far but want more ;-) hehe

To be honest its worth it just for the box! Isn’t that absolutely beautiful and to die for!

Now here is them open together!

Sorry the flash made it look a bit different, it is a lot more beautiful in real life!

So it has 5 of the crystalized elements on the outside, and the Italian pig skin leather is patent black in case you didn’t notice, with thin slits in it every 5mm or 6mm, there are 4 rows of these slits altogether,  it has such a beautiful pattern!


When you open it up, it has a magnetic closure and it is wraped around like a wallet, its so nice how it is wrapped up! Yours will come with a 2011 and 2012 diary! Mine did too but I removed most the 2011, even though I’m saving it for 2012!


It has 3 card pockets for either business cards, bank cards or loyalty cards, and then two pockets next to them with are idea size for a passport photo, then one full length pocket at the back, it is all suede inside! Oh and did I tell you it smells absolutely beautiful!

On the other side it has 3 pockets and a pen loop, it has two normal length pockets which can fit a British passport!

It also has this amazing popper pocket yay!!! Or preston as my friend calls them as they are pressed on? :-S

I thought this was the number out of 400 but no :-(

This is the layout you shall be getting in side, it’s the normal week to view! But on Cotton Cream paper, the most luxurious paper!

As you can see the light  makes it look like a rainbow! Its AMAZING!!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this and enter the competition, below are the instructions!

Step 1 – Join Filofax College on Facebook

Step 2 – Take a photo of your Filofax, Diary or Notepad/Notebook in an unusual place or doing something interesting!

Step 3 – Upload it to the album on Filofax College called Competition Entries!!

Good luck and Much Love <3 xxx

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