07 August 2011

I Miss My Jess :-(

It is a year and 2 months since my cat Jess was put down as he had a huge tumor in his Esophagus, he was about 14 when he was put down, on 14 June 2010.

Here are some pictures of him a few days before he was put down, i knew there was something wrong with him for weeks before he was taken to the vets, my parents didnt see it, but i noticed a change in him. 




My parents took him to the vets a on the Monday, and had to have him put down, I didnt get to say goodbye to him, and I really miss him, the phone call telling me he had been put down was the worst thing ever, then going back to my mum and dads and him not being there to meow or even rub against me, i just miss everything about him. 

My parents home isnt the same without him, we have since got another cat, but i just miss Jess so much. 

I want him back :-(


  1. Oh poor Imy! I am sorry you lost your Jess and couldn't say goodbye to her.
    Some pets you end up loving more than others due to their personalities.
    maybe one day you will get another pet you love just as much.

  2. CP - Thanks :-( Jess is a him, i was only young when we got her and didnt realise Jess wasnt a boys name, and he looked very much like postman pats cat, :-(

    Jess didnt like me much tho, i loved him more than he loved me, he always bit and scrached me, but i would rather be bit and scrached than be without him :-(

    I want to get a puppy but cant as i cant look after it all day :-( Maybe one day! :-)

  3. We all have had one pet we've bonded with more than others, haven't we? My first cat, Rhi (short for Rhiannon) was my special fur baby, like your Jess was for you. My Rhi died of breast cancer fifteen years ago now, and I still miss her, and think about her at least a little almost every single day ...

    Hugs, my dear.

  4. aw, what a sweet kitty. That's always a tough call to decide when to let them go. (We had to do this in January with out first greyhound.) But you gave Jess a loving, long life and even though he didn't show it, pets know when they are loved.

  5. Ro - :-( Its really the worst feeling, i can't imagine how upset i would be if someone close to me died, if im this affected by my cat :-( HUGS!!!!

    Terriknits - There all playing in kittycat and doggy heaven with the lovelyest toys hehe :-) My cat loved my mum so much hehe but not me :-( x

  6. Sending you a massive hug... so tough to loose a friend. Thinking of you x

  7. What a handsome man! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Having living with pets my whole life, I know it's like. It's not fun, but they do make your life better and more fulfilling when they're with us. *hugs*