03 August 2011

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

Me and my best friend Roller Skating holding hands

My ideal date would be to go to a Roller Disco, then out for a nice milkshake afterwards, but a takeaway and sit somewhere nice outside and look at the view <3

P.s. (That’s pretty much what me and my bf do every week, I love him) .....Shhh....


  1. I'm not sure what my dream first date would be but that sounds lovely! I just know something quirky would win me over ;) Not a regular old dinner date. x

  2. Morag - I dont know why but i just love roller skating feels so free :-) and its lovely, i dont really have many dinners out and i always find them uncomforable if there with someone i dont know, but ive not dated in nearly 5 years lol :-) x