10 August 2011

Poll - Roller Derby!

I have just put a Poll on the Right Hand Side, I need all your opinions, it will only take 5 secs to choose, its litterally a Yes or No answer!

Thank you so much in advance!! :-)


So shall I join the Roller Derby for the try outs at the end of September??


  1. YES! my sister does roller derby and i go and watch her at her bouts. it looks like fun & you love roller skating...plus you get a cool roller derby name! i vote GO FOR IT!!

  2. HELL FUCKING YEAH says Little SNARLing, derby girl on hiatus (super super SUPER hard to quit. therefore i just haven't skated in like a year)

  3. YES! Doooo eeeeeeettt! I would love to do something like that. Picking your "derby" name would be a blast!

  4. Yvotchka - Do you think it looks scary tho? I do love roller skating hehe :-)

    Snarling - what does hiatus mean? Im really tempted to do it, why did you quit??

    Terriknits - I think im going to have to, i have 10 votes yes atm hehe :-) I will be terrified! Im going to try and talk to roller derby girl that comes to roller disco every so often :-) hehe xx

  5. hiatus is basically a 'break'. i just don't want to commit to actually quitting, so i say i'm on a 'break' heh heh. derby is just that much fun. i'm taking a 'break' because my kid was getting older and more fun (he was 8 months old when i started, 2.5 when i began my 'break') and i started to feel more and more guilty about leaving him. the thing about derby is it's really time consuming. it comes from a grass roots mindset so besides practices and scrimmages and bouts there are also a ton of events usually centered around trying to make money to keep your sport up. plus my husband has the schedule we all have to revolve around (which causes many an argument mind you) as he works 6 days a week and it's somewhat far so when i'd have practice at 6.30, he'd meet me but i'd have the kid with me until 6.40 and couldn't concentrate or warm-up in the beginning of practice which can throw you off a bit. then when i had bouts or practices on saturday, my husband works so i either couldn't go or had to get a babysitter which SUCKED. and of course my husband's in 2 bands and he's able to go to HIS practices (since they're usually later at night) but i had to totally be creative and completely STRESS OUT in order to make it to mine. and of course the guilt of leaving the kid on top of that. aaarrrggghh! since you're young and single with no attachments, don't even question it. JUST DO IT. you'll regret it if you didn't

  6. ps - don't think of it as 'terrifying' think of it more as 'thrilling, exciting and fun' since that's what it is! it's a great all around community - things you learn will be metaphorical to other things in your life. even just trying out is awesome so DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT. i will be so bummed if you didn't

  7. Snarling - Thats not fair, but its always the man that gets his way isnt it, i really hope you can get back in to it one day! And i promise to go to the try outs, i dont know if i will be good enough, but i have 2 months of practice and ive been skating 2 times a week or more since june so im ok lol

    But im doing it for you (and because it looks fun, and i have only 2 friends in teh real world lol) hehe :-)

    You will be able to teach your son to skate in a few years! So jelous, i would love to teach a little one to skate oh well :-( Will have to teach my puppy when i get it

    And im not single ;-) i have a boyfriend ive been with nearly 5 years, SCARY lol but nothing to stop me otherwise, as long as i get there on time, buses are usually late grrr :-) xxx

  8. sorry - i meant single as in "not married" although it's mostly when you have kids that you have to start sacrificing everything. and yeah, i think since the kid usually comes out of the woman, she feels more guilt leaving him than the guy does. HHHRRUUMMPPPHH!! is all i've got to say about that

    you should do it for yourself since it IS fun and it looks terrifying but that could be you out there - - - isn't that exciting???

    wish i could help you out but at least i can encourage you when you feel insecure about it

  9. Snarling - Dont worry thats ok, we might as well be married hehe :-) and i cant have children so im just going to have a puppy :-) I just cannot produce children wasnt ment to be lol

    Im so excited im going to try talk to the lady before still just so i feel a bit more confident lol :-)

    yes you can! would be great to have a skate with you, maybe if im in usa sometime hehe xxx