12 August 2011

Boardmasters 2010

Morning Happy People

All in all I'm rather disappointed I could not go to Boardmasters after the amazing time I had last year!

To tell you the truth there was only one or two acts I would have been happy to see, not that I was really excited about them, there playing on the Satruday and its Fatboy Slim and Sub Focus, but there not exactly people who I would have to die to see!

So I thought I would tell you about my trip to Boardmasters a year ago tomorrow, it was a really amazing day, the best day and night of my life so far!

I went with Martin, my boyfriend, his cousin Katie and her friend Sophie (they were under 18 and had to have an adult, I'm their adult, or adopted mum as they called me for the day). Martin really didn’t want to go, he said it would be boring and a waste of money! I told him it wouldn’t so just bought him a ticket anyway.

I think we bought our tickets in March, plenty of time before, so we didn’t have to worry about missing out, wish I had done the same this year, but I’ve been up and down from London so much, its quite a drain on the finances!

I went down to Katies to get ready, we were up at like 7am when we weren’t leaving until 11ish, we were just so excited!

I had fake tanned the night before, and I had really nice make up, oh I looked really good! My boobs were being awkward and wanted to be in full vision of everything as usual!

So we went in to town and as we hadn’t been to Boardmasters before we didn’t realise that you could go down to Fistral for free (so we snuck in around the back) and we got free Pot Noodles, and other magical things, here we are down at the Fistral part of the festival, where you get lots of FREEBIES!!!!!



We left there and went through the town to get some food before heading up to the actual Music Festival at Watergate Bay, we went to catch the bus as they were doing a shuttle bus, but everyone (except us) was waiting in the wrong place so we got on first whilst they all had to cue, and oh my it was a long cue!


(this was only half of it)



Me and my Martin on the bus hehe, he was gradually warming to the idea of Boardmasters!


We arrived YAY!!!!

Its mainly going to be just pictures from now on, I will do a brief explanation every so often.

photo 2

Me and my best friend reunited after a long time!



I went to see Example, Chase & Status and Leftfield, it was AMAZING, singing along to Pieces was just amazing, there are actually no other words to describe it all!

I think from now on the pictures speak for themselves! People off their faces (except for me obviously & my boyfriend, so proud of him)


photo 5



What we were listening too: - 


At the end of the night I bought a doughnut and made friends with the seller hehe (as you do)

We are planning on going to the bit down at Fistral tomorrow to take photos, as there is skateboarding and BMXing and Surfing, were catching the bus in, now I'm just hoping that someone will just give me a ticket to the music festival! I will go in my wellies just in case! And wear nice things as you never know!!!

Wish me luck at trying to score a free ticket for me and my lovely boyfriend!

P.s. my zebra pen might be here tomorrow hehe

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