23 August 2011

Filofax reunions?

I saw a tweet today that looked like this: -

And it made me wonder, are there any beautiful romantic stories about people being reunited with a long lost Filofax that they were lost without?

If anyone has ever found a Filofax and contact Filofax about it what free gift did you get? There are so many questions I have but would love to hear your stories if this has happened to you!!!

Comment below and maybe I will do a blog post with them all???



  1. Iv very often wondered that. Iv never been unlucky enough to lose mine but it is a sad thought though. However, I do always register mine just in case

  2. That would be awesome!! Filofax should have a special section on their site devoted to Filo reunion stories. :) I hope someone has some good ones!!

  3. I have decided i will contact Filofax to get them to tell me some stories to pass on for you :-) hehe

  4. People get a voucher to use on line I think.

    I've registered all my current in use ones... Just hit the back button and you don't have to keep filling in the details several times over!

  5. Steve - i am more interested in the reunion stories though, like maybe even romances, of people finding someones filofaxes and falling in love, there have to be some hehe