13 August 2011

Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?


Hello Kitty three apples exhibit 2009

I love Lady Gaga now she isn't my most favorite artist, as I have lots of favorites, but I think she is amazing and I do really love her!

She is just so inspiring and she loves to be different she does not just dress normally, anyway she makes me happy. 

I also like, Chase and Status, Pendulum, Run DMC etc (doesn't your mind go blank when you have to write a list! 


  1. I to like lady Gaga...Lots don't like her because of some of her views but to me everyone should be able to be who they are and not be afraid...I hope she continues her work and wakes up alot of people. I love you site here...great job

  2. She is the most amazing person out there! I dismissed her as an attention whore until I finally REALLY listened to her and her music. She is the real deal, I think ... she has a lot to lose with her viewpoint and she puts it out there anyway. I adore her, and her music rocks my world. But I do know what you mean ... it is so hard to pick one. Right now it is a three way tie for me: GaGa, Stefani/Charlotte Gainsbourg. I am old but am bored with old stuff anymore, and these three rock my world!