07 August 2011

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.


Somewhere like this, maybe Hawaii, doesn’t have to be at sunset but I would love some pictures at sunset, I would want a very small ceremony just close family and friends (I don’t have many), and I would want to have long beach blonde waves, in a very light material, white, that floats in the wind, but not too big so I look fat or pregnant, I just want to look beautiful, I wouldn’t have shoes on as we would be on a beach, I would want to feel the sand between my toes! <3


  1. You could have a lovely wedding like this in the Caribbean as well. Places like Sandals resorts do packages with lovely beach weddings :-)

  2. CP - I would love to having something like that but if i ever do get married im quite happy to do it down by the local beach :-) hehe cheaper option ;-)

  3. I'm with CP, Imy. Go where someone else can do all the work and also pamper you. Plus, these places do this stuff all the time and have all sorts of packages you you might be able to get away quite cheaply.

    So ... considering a wedding soon? CP and I want to be bridesmaids! ;-)

  4. Every bride is beautiful, no matter what she's wearing. I can honestly say that the day I got married, I felt beautiful (and I don't normally). If I were to do it over again, I'd have gone a lot more simple in terms of ceremony an reception after. A beach wedding would be nice.

  5. Ro - Well i need 7 bridesmaids and i have i have chosen 3 so far! :-) hehe

    Urmmm no my bf is very unlikley to propose, but we can dream cant we! lol

    Oh i would definatly get a sort of package deal, and i would only want a small ceremony, with my 7 bridesmaids, and my very close family, like my mum dad grandparents, and bfs mum dad and grandparents, maybe a few others, not sure, but im a very shy person and i would be so shy as everyone would be looking at me that i would want a TINY ceremony, and as im not to much of a party animal that i dont drink etc, i wouldnt be all that bothered about a big party after, i would quite a like a barbique on the beach and just a relaxing evening or something? hehe

    Terriknits - I know every bride is beautiful (i wrote bridge first off) I know the dress makes you feel beautiful, i would love to try some on, but i think i would need a boob reduction before my big day! lol :-D xxx

  6. Sunset weddings are very enchanting. A certain romantic air and sunset glow engulfing the whole ceremony would have everyone sighing at the beauty of the wedding. It’s great that you already have a certain ambiance in mind about your dream wedding since everything would follow with this initial concept. No matter which place you choose, I sure hope you’ll have that sunset photo in the background!

    Kelli Mueller