10 August 2011

Pretty Little Things

Morning/Afternoon my Buttercups

I know you all know I'm on this lovely Fab Frugal adventure, and it really is lovely, but I was feeling a bit low for a few weeks, I don’t think it was much to do with it just a lot of other stuff in my life, but I felt I needed to make two small purchases.

One necessary
One not so necessary, but useful

The one that is necessary, has not yet arrive so you will have to wait 1-10 business days as it is on a slow boat from the Netherlands, that name always makes me think of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell as if I'm going to go off on a lovely small adventure.

As you can tell from that I have a very imaginative imagination!

The not so necessary thing I bought is below, first of all I will show you the outside of the packaging it came in, it was very cheap so don’t slap my wrists just yet!

YAY Paperchase, there is not one for 50miles where I live so I had to put up with postal orders! And the postage was £3 something so it costs more than its worth, but it was fast delivery so I cant complain!

This kind of gives you a small sneaky idea of what it is hehe

They are post it notes, I think there aimed at school children but there perfect for day to day to-do lists! As there so small and cute!!

The important deadline ones were a bit stuck together, and the paper quality isn’t very good, but then for £2.50 what do you expect, there has to be about 50 of each! Not too sure what to do with the time ones but I'm sure I will have some ideas, does anyone have any ideas for me?

I didn’t notice originally when I ordered them, but on the left side of the notebook of post its, there are cute stickers! Oh I love stickers totally made the price worth it! I am going to get so much use out of them!

This is all after watching the Snarlings video and it gave me lots of tips and tricks to use my Filofax really, I think I may do a feature on it soon, I will put the videos on here embedded and let you know what I got out of them!

I hope you liked my mini reveal of my cheap post it notes, and look forward to my next mini reveal that was rather cheap soon!

And that clothes post I promised I will try and get done today!


Imy xXx


  1. I love these! How cute. Good for you for buying yourself a little pick me up (not that I'm trying to derail you of your Fab Frugal Challenge - I can just empathize with that action). =)

  2. Oh my gosh! How cute are those?? Funzies :D