17 August 2011


Hello Buttercups 

I have been dreaming a lot recently and I want to share these dreams with you, well there less of dreams they could be a reality I just need to save the money, two of these items I need, and one I don’t I just am obsessed I will let you guess which is which!

In at Number 1

Vintage pink pocket
Malden indoors

Pocket Malden

Thanks to Jotje <3 (I cannot wait to meet you in a 38 days) for the picture!

The BEAUTIFUL Pocket Malden, I don’t necessarily want Vintage Pink but it is a possiblility!

In at Number 2


Barbour Coat

I have been wanting a really beautiful coat, and this is very country (and I feel like a posh country person without the clothes) if that makes sense? Its not actually on sale yet as it’s a winter item and they have not yet released the winter items so it’s a few months or weeks before I buy this beauty!

I am going to start to dress more posh country girl, even if it makes me poor, as I don’t want to be killed hehe (the saying that I will do something even if it kills me, in case you were wondering what I was dribbling on about).

And Finally Number 3


Skadi Leopard Scarf with Hat and Ears

Now isn’t that very Imysworld, I LOVE IT and my head will be kept so warm in it wont it!

There is not much else I can say about it other than I LOVE IT!!!!!

I just want to say, I was not paid by any of these companies to do this, as it kind of looks like I am getting something out of this (I WISH, GIVE ME SOMETHING hehe) but I'm not!

I hope you enjoy my Wish list, now I am going to buy all 2 items at some point but which are the two I really need and which is the one I am just getting as I'm a trainspotter (as one friend called it) hehe.


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  1. I can see you in that coat, it's great! Funnily enough my hubby is also after one of the new mens Barbour jackets, I'm thinking of getting it for his anniversary pressie in a couple of weeks :O)