07 November 2011

2012 Filofax Planning


I am sorry I have been very not with it the past few days, just having a bit of a bad time, but anyway on to the excitingness of planning for 2012 (already planned once or twice, third time lucky?).

So for diary's i want to use: -

Week to view Filofax Diary
 Month to View Diary (the two pages one)
Year Planner (which i might use to draw the weather in every day, random i know)

Other Inserts: -

Day Planner - for days when i have lots of appointments or train journeys etc, i want to use these so then i still don't need a page to a day diary which i wouldn't use i can just use them for every so often if my day is extra busy, well that is my theory anyway!

I will also have a plain piece of paper at the begining of every month to write things on that need to be remembered for that month like voucher codes that will expire etc...

This will all be in personal, so later this week i will be posting Pocket diaries for sale!!!


  1. What a fab way to use a year planner. Ive never had one before as I didn't hav a use for it. :) xx

  2. I usually use it for marking holidays but i thought i would do that on the monthly ones as wel as usuing them as a quick view of my diary sort of thing :-D x

  3. I am regretting buying day per page diary instead of day on two pages, which I think would be more useful to me most days. I note "interesting" weather, like our recent freaking October snow storm. I like to flip open to "today" and see all appointments, reminders, notes, to-do's, etc in one place. Maybe can fit all on day sheets. We'll see!

  4. I couldnt use a day to a page, i dont do enough to write in it, i need to have a week to view, then use seperate paper for busy days then put it in the corect place so its all together sort of thing :-) its all very exciting :-D hehe