28 November 2011

Cult Pens Haul!

On Saturday my Cult Pens order arrived, VERY speedy service!!

So i wanted to share with you what I bought, I am going to go in to depth with each pen in seperate blog posts, not all that i bought is here because they were Christmas presents and i didn't want the people who are getting them to see them!

Here is what is inside (there is a bit missing though)

So i will start from Left to Right

Frixion pack of 3 pens - FREE as i had spent over £30 on Frixion products! YAY!!!

Frixion Slim Pen - Which is a barrel for it, I did order Black and i'm a bit disappointed i didn't get black, but i couldn't be bothered to really moan and ask to exchange etc...

Purple Frixion 0.5mm

Frixion 0.5mm inserts

Tombow Reporter Compact 4 colour pen - for reviewing and comparing to Bic 4 colour pen :-)

Two Streadler (spelt wrong) Tri Plus pens bought from local Art Shop (so not part of this really)

Pilot G-Tec-C4 Rollerball pen - Blue

Zebra Super Marble Gel Roller Pen

Pink Frixion 0.7mm

Pilot G-Tec-C4 Rollerball pen - Pink

Zebra Mini Literite Pen

Zebra Penpod

These are all available on Cult Pens, i would of given links for EACH pen but i would be here for a few days! It was hard enough to find 2 of the pens the second time!

I will try and tell you about each pen over the week, I have covered all the Frixions already! :-)



  1. Oooh - now *that's* a haul! You'll have fun with that lot.

    Thanks too for the heat test on the Frixion ink - it looks like it's true that notes could be zapped if left in a very hot car.

  2. Gerard - today Sharon found out that there not good for archiving either!!! She phoned pilot and they told her! :-(

    You shouldnt write on important documents with these pens!!! Important fact for you!!!

  3. Imy - any more details available on the unarchiveability (phew - new word!) aspect?!

    I'd say a lot of the Philofaxy crew would be interested to hear about this, given that many were horrified to see how ancient Steve's not-so-old cotton cream refills looked.

    Maybe Sharon could drop a line to Steve?

    Thanks for letting me know, and I hope you're keeping well. G

  4. nice haul of pens! With the FriXions, just remember if the ink does go translucent, just pop it in the freezer for a half hour or so and the ink should return.