23 November 2011

Pilot Frixion Review!

I was in Tesco this morning just looking around, trying to spend money as you do at 8am.......

I was trying to find things to review on my blog that I haven't looked at before (well thoroughly) and then something jumped out at me, something that i know ALOT of Philofaxers love! Something that people seem to get excited about, having smaller barrels with still the same 0.7mm insert etc...and then i thought, i have tried them in the past but never reviewed them, and i decided lets start now!

I do have one quick question - Does it come in Pink? See Below

So i bought the 0.7mm pens in a pack of three, as that was all Tesco had, it came to...(i was actually going to type the amount in the following is my actual real reaction as i typed)...oh my gosh, i just looked at my receipt to see the price and i was SHOCKED, now i just need to take another photo as proof to show you!

(I know i paid a really odd amount i just had so much change i was trying to clear it out my wallet, it worked)

I almost do not believe it, on the shelf it said £2.98? That means a second trip to Tesco tomorrow morning after visiting Staples to find some more pens to review!

As soon as i got in to the office i first of all thought, I shouldn't of bought thoes Hello Kitty Christmas Cards (I have already bought 50 cards and just bought a pack of 30 as they had Hello Kitty on), then i got on with taking these pictures!

So i tested the pens out.....

When i rubbed them out it was still a bit visable so i tried to re-write over the top to see if there was much of a difference....

I was surprised, it really didn't seem to make any difference!

They are so smooth to write with and lovely to hold, i can see why people do love these pens, and the fact you can rub them out as if you never wrote anything (well you can just see it...) but you get the idea!

The only real thing I DO NOT LIKE, is the black is a bit too "grey" for me, I prefer my blacks to be as black as the nights sky.......did i really just say that.....anyway you get what i mean!

But i will  definitely get these pens again!

Can anyone tell me if they come in pink?? Thank you for telling me i can get them from Cult Pens I love that site!

Tomorrow I will try to review their rival, as I believe there is a similar one that comes in pink but you use the lid to rub out.....interesting i hear you shout!


I was looking on Cult Pens and i saw something i thought was interesting, it said
"We suggest that this pen is not used for secure documents such as cheques, etc."
, then i investigated further and found out the ink does not like heat!

So i thought i would have a mini experiment in my office, here are the pictures: -

I put it on the heater for roughly 1minute maybe a little less, after about 10 seconds i could see the edges getting lighter and turning white, which made me wonder, why white, but then i am not too bothered about that at the moment, but i read further and found the way the ink is erased is because as it heats up it just evaporates or something, which i thought was MAD!!! But how crazy that it did actually disappear from heat!

There is my little experiment for the day, I am now converted, I love Frixions, my writing looks so nice with them, I AM HAPPY!!!!

P.s. NEVER LEAVE YOUR FILOFAX IN A CAR, I believe that someone in the Filofax community did a blog post on this actual fact they even put a thermometer in and then froze the paper and the ink came back a bit, if anyone knows let me know i shall link it! It was Filofax Fixation!!! YAY!


  1. Yes, tehy do come in pink:


    Also a pink Frixion highlighter:


  2. Ray - Thank you Sharon told me the same thing CULT PENS IS MY FAVORITE WEBSITE, their service is AMAZING!!!

    hehe I am going to order a metal barrel as well, as it will look a bit more fancy and nicer, i prefer metal barreled pens! Eeeek :-D

    I think i have the highlighters!!! I am like 90% sure, i have definatly got some erasable ones just not sure if their the same make, they were on sale in staples months ago for £1 :-D

    Thank you for your help!!! xxxx

  3. oh yeah - that was me that did the heat/cold test on the FriXions. linky: http://filofaxfixation.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/pilot-frixion-you-coy-little-vixen/

  4. Terri i thought it was you i searched and serached your blog but couldnt find it!! Thank you xxx

  5. My housemate last year is a Maths teacher.
    I remember he spent hours drawing up equations etc with one of these pens, couldn't work on when he laminated the sheets what happened. The paper was perfectly clear!!