07 September 2012

How to use a Filofax Finance/Expense Sheet?

I have been asked a few times how to use a Filofax Finance/Expense Sheet, so I thought I might as well make a blog post that tries to explain it easily, which could be hard, but I will try anyway!! I have done pictures step by step of how I use it so you can see and maybe it will work for you, or you will have a different way of using them, this just may help to get you understanding them better??

I feel like an Accountant when I use mine, as I work in an Accountants all day, and I have no idea how to do Accounts, but this is like my mini Accountancy. (Random fact for you there)

Here is the past few days of my Finance Sheet..


To some people this may look like a lot of spending (and I would completely agree) but it was pay day and I had to get a few things, and I treated my boyfriend and I to a Starbucks as we did the Carboot, I just did a few treats this weekend to make up for the Carboot, as we are not Carbooters at all!!!

Here is a key as to how to use a Finance/Expenses sheet: (I will explain each point no matter how obvious and simple they are)


Date - this is where you would put the date of the expense, or purchase, or income, e.g. 3 July (my birthday)

Description - This is where you write what the expense is? e.g. Imy's birthday present

How you paid for the item? Here all you have to do is tick the correct box, there is Cash, Credit/Debit Card or Cheque (I know Cheques are pretty much a dying thing so maybe say Paypal instead? as an idea)

Next is the Income and the Expenditure section... this is where it can get confusing...

The Minus, is the Expenditure side, which is where you write what you have spent, so say you spent £60 on my present you would put it in that box.

The Plus is Income which is if you receive money, whether it be wages, eBay money etc...

Total is the final column, this is where you total up all the Income and Expenditure, but depending on how your using the sheets it can vary.

If you are putting your wages at the top and adding in Direct Debits and all you will obviously take off any expenses and add on any Income, but I use it in such a way that I do not write my wages, I just try to keep a track of everything I spend, so I add the Expenses Column up and then take off any Income which then leaves a total expenditure.

As you can see it can get very confusing and messy, so I have done a small example for you below:


Here is the receipt that is next to my finance sheet ready to go through it and break it down to use in the sheet.


When I see the receipt, this is what I see, I don't look too much at what I bought, I usually put it under a set category.

First thing I do is the DATE


Next is the Description


How did I pay for the item?


Is it an Expense or Income? How much did I spend?




I carried forward the total on the opposite side of the sheet, which left the total so high.

This is a brief description of how I use my Finance sheets, if you have any questions let me know!


  1. Love this. I love your handwriting - what pen did you use?

    I made my own Expenses sheet so mine are a bit similar but not quite! :) I made mine portrait instead of landscape (like the Filofax ones) so that I could fit more on a page :)


  2. Angela - it is the Zebra Sharbo X, you can buy it at Cult Pens, I have the D1 Zebra JSB Gel 0.5mm refill, Black and Blue, and I have a 0.5mm Pencil in there too, Pental B.

    Ahh I want to see your sheets?? Blog post ;) xxx

  3. This is VERY helpful! hahah I had a few things right but wasn't entirely sure about the = sign, silly me! Anyway thank you so much!!

    And I agree with Angela, your handwriting is so nice! Mine's all chubby and barely fits on the personal finance pages ^^

    Thanks again for doing this!!

  4. Thanks for this post!

    I've been trying to set up a budget using those sheets, but l hadn't had any luck so far. I think these tips will really help!

  5. This reminded me I need to start using an expense sheet! I love your layout.

  6. Ohhh but didn't you have a problem with the Sharbo? Didn't the ink run out really quickly, or was that another one?

    And writing a blogpost now. Not got pictures yet so will probs be going live sometime next week :) xxx

  7. Nice walk-through.
    One quick query, HOW did you manage to pay for something costing £1.60 with £1.68 of cash???????????????? How is that possible? Given that coins come in 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p... How did you not just have £1.60??
    I'm very perplexed! :-)
    But enjoying your blog!

  8. Tin - I am glad it helped :)

    Its only the fine pen that is making my writing so small :) otherwise its too thick too :(

    Angela - well it wasnt as much a problem, there is lots of different ink refils you can use, but the one i really love only lasts 3-4 weeks, and if you use it lots and lots it lasts about a week! Its scary!!! but it really is worth the money as its nice to hold and writ with :)

    Amanda - well I paid with change in a self service and i was trying to use up all my loose change but i was 2p off and had to put a 10p in to cover it, really hate it when that happens! Just wanted a lighter wallet! ;) xxx

  9. I love how you've used the idea of 'my birthday' to explain your expenses system. I'm certain you weren't trying to drop us any hints, or anything. ;)

    Speaking of birthdays, happy (belated) birthday for just over two weeks ago. I hope you got plenty of Filofaxes as presents!

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog, as I have just purchased my first pocket filofax and had no idea what these pages were for. You are a lifesaver!

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