14 August 2011

Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

dirty sexy things

I love Ocean and Charlotte, I am so addicted!


  1. I totally agree! Love this show! Ariella annoys me so much though! Theres only like 2 episodes left :(

  2. ATG - She needs to shut the f*** up!! She just moans EVERY episode!!!

    Don't tell me that, I have only just got over the loss of Made in Chelsea, I miss Caggy so much, I just wanted her and Spencer to meet at the airport and have a huge romantic moment!

    I cannot wait until tonights episode i really want BB & Charlotte to get it on again ;-) hehe

  3. Imy isnt is just! Im soooo glad perou has axed her from all future shoots! Last nights was sooooo good! I still think jay should of got into the exhibition though!

    Ahh I missed out on MiC :( I might watch it online though :).

    Yeah haha they need to get on with it lol!