09 August 2011

Fashion Help - Work/Smart Clothes


I really need some help!

I am going to a conference at the end of the month, I have some vouchers for Littlewoods to buy some clothes (not from the conference or anything they were a present but I haven't used them).

I was thinking I need black trousers and shirts or blouses or something? Maybe some formal tops, I believe I will need two or three tops, the price isn't the important thing at the moment! As long as its nothing ridiculous like £300!

Well i have HUGE boobs as you all know from my videos, and I have large hips, I'm very much an hour glass!!

Now is there anyone out there willing to try and help me find some suitable clothes for this conference on Littlewoods, I need the following: -

  • A nice Jacket - I do have a cream/camel Benneton one if I have no luck, but its a bit small
  • Pair of Formal Trousers 
  • Two or Three formal Tops/Shirts/Blouses

I will not be wearing heels, I will be wearing flat shoes, as I am size 9 and cannot walk in heels!

I am size 16 on top, and 16 trousers, I have HH boobs, so I need that to be bared in mind.

Sorry to ask so much of you but I really need help.

I have looked but I just really have NO IDEA on what would suit me! I'm a very casual dresser but really need to make an effort at this conference! As I am representing something new! 

If you find anything suitable on Littlewoods then please post a link below!

Thank you in advance!!!

Imy xxx


  1. I was going to try to help, but I don't have one good boob if I smashed my two together, but I may be able to offer some advice.

    I would go with modest necklines and shirts with no structure. Some of the super short dresses on there were really cute, and could be worn as a tunic with pants like this one: http://www.littlewoods.com/love-label-vintage-1920s-style-sequin-dress/887449250.prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f1655%2fs%2fbestsellers%2c0%2fo%2f5&trail=1589-1655

    This top is cute too:

    And this one under your cream jacket:

  2. Mrs Grievous - Thank you :-) I will do a post tomorow with the things i choose, then get peoples opinions before i order etc :-) hehe

    Thanks for the advice too, i need to have a proper look tonight at everything :-) xxx

  3. I don't think I am the person to advise you about fashion (when I know that other lovely ladies have offered!). Looking forward to see what they have chosen for you.

    Please share where you get your shoes from though. I am a size 9 - 10 and have a nightmare time show shopping (and at 5ft 11inches avoid heels too!!!).

  4. Cacti - Thank you :-) I will let you know how i get on with some shoes i ordered but i really struggle too i know how it feels :-(

    :-) xxx

  5. I don't know if you can view US videos, but TLC's What Not to Wear have a lot of good fitting/style tips. http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/what-not-to-wear-style-tips/ V-neck for large bust, wide leg trouser for curvy hips. The most important thing is that everything fits. If you have to go up a size to fit your bust/hips, you can have the garment tailored down to fit the other areas.

  6. Terriknits - Thank you i shall have a look tonight :-) xxx