22 August 2011

What's in my bag? - All Stars Tour - Femke


As part of the Philofaxy All Stars, Femke from deligted.blogspot.com has come to do a lovely post about what is in her handbag! Check out her blog too as i will soon be doing a post on it!

This is my work bag, which I recently got from H&M. I don't normally buy bags from H&M, but I saw this in the window and fell in love with it. Got it the next day.

Now, for work, I carry a lot more than I would when I'm off (I tend to take a smaller bag with me when I'm out and about).

This is the bag (the colour is off, which you will see in the next photos).

Here it is, open, with all the stuff in it.

I keep my keys on a lanyard on one of the handles so I don't have to look for them. My lanyard is one from one of my previous jobs, and you can see a "100 % Bristonian" keychain (I lived in Bristol a couple years ago), plus a keychain of the evil eye, which I got from a coworker who's been to Tunisia on her holiday.

Here is everything dumped on my bed:

From left to right: iPhone, iPod (yes, I carry a seperate iPod for my music), my Marc Jacob purse, and my sunglasses. I didn't take a photo of my sunglasses as they change almost every week!

And now the other stuff: my current read, my little toiletries bag, my crimson personal Malden, a plastic (shame on me!) grocery bag bc I often get groceries after work and my Paperchase pencil case.

Hope you enjoyed my edition of "what's in my bag"!

I hope you enjoyed her post and dont forget to check out her blog!!!! deligted.blogspot.com



  1. love love YOUR BLOG.

    defiantly follwoing you now.

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    looking forward to your new posts.. x

  2. I always love being nosey in looking in bags! Thanks for sharing x