24 November 2011

27 Dresses - Filofax Spotting (Obvious)

Last night, I was at my friend Steph's house watching Hollyoaks, then an advert pops up, 27 Dresses on E4 at 8pm, I was screaming, nealry jumping in the air, it has to be one of my favorite films, check list....

Weddings - Check
Wedding Planning - Check
Organisation - Check
Filofaxes - Check

As you can see it has a few things in it I LOVE to watch! That reminds me i need to remember to watch Don't Tell the Bride on Tuesdays on BB3 (Channel 7 Freeview) at 8pm.....little reminder for myself there!

Anyway it came on, and as soon as the Filofax came on the screen I actually screamed and jumped up and down, i asked Steph to Pause the Sky TV (what a novelty that is for me), and i took some photos, I WISH i could of taken more!

Now I would LOVE to plan a wedding one day! Not necessarily mine, someone elses, just to help and do things, oh it would be lovely!

Just after i announced on Twitter the film was on there was a mini bit of excitement! Then Steve said........"That film makes you buy a Filofax every two weeks beware" and OMG i have to agree I WANT ONE!! I just love the look of how it is so full and used and LOVED!! Now thats exactly what i want!

There is only 1 thing that annoys me about the whole film, HE GAVE HER A BLACKBERRY!!! Does he not know, Blackberrys are no where near as good as a Filofax, how do you stick your pictures in, hole punch things etc.....I LOVE THAT FILM

Thank you



  1. One of my favourite films - fabulous!!! And such a wonderful use of a FF. :-) You can organise my wedding for me - I've only been meaning to get round to it for the last 3 years ;-)

  2. LJ - Oh my 3 years seriously?? Have you set a date?

    It is an AMAZING film and the Filofax looks BEAUTIFUL Makes me want to buy a new one :-/ x

  3. No date set yet - it was originally going to be in October 2008, but I had too much travel to do for work that year so it got put on hold, then we moved to Switzerland early in 2009, and now the paperwork that we have to organise before we can get married is a total pain. However, it is on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, so we will get round to it sometime before the end of June 2014. 2012 would be good, but it all depends on work :-)

  4. I adore 27 Dresses as well :) I love the fact that when everyone around her is using their BBs or other phone to keep hold of their diaries she has a filofax and I love all the bits that are tucked into it!

  5. I'd never seen this movie before (actually, I don't watch a lot of contemporary movies, I'm more of a classic movie fan) but when I saw this on the guide yesterday I decided to watch it - if only for the Filofax scenes! Cute film.