11 November 2011

Dividers and Post It Notes Haul From Christa


As you all know its been a sad few days for me, with my boyfriend leaving me etc..;

Well i have just moved back home and I received a parcel before i left from the lovely Christa who has made me some personalised dividers, which have made me so happy :-)

It has really cheered me up, she even put in a small present!

There will be a proper post on the dividers, i just want to give you a sneak peak! 

So here it is I will show you an unwrapping :-)

It even comes with a pen! It is amazing!

Thank you very much! And come back soon as i will do a detailed post!

There will be alot coming soon, just give me a few days to feel a little okish, so im able to blog properly for you! Love you all, and thank you all for your comments!


  1. Oh lovely! So nice to get presents, and such pretty dividers!

  2. So pretty!!! Wish we had something like that here in the states!!! Missed ya! Can't wait to read your blogs!!

  3. and the dividers are PINK! They look really great.

    Sorry that you're feeling so bad.

  4. Wow what a lovely gift! And the dividers look amazing!! Hope you are doing ok Imy <3 x

  5. Sorry to hear your news :o( But what fab dividers!!! And portable post-its notes with a pen, how cool are they?!!!

  6. Oh the dividers look gorgous and they pink. Wish we had something like that in germany.

  7. I'm really sorry about the bad things that happened - From your posts I knew there were problems, I didn't know it was 'separate' serious. I have no words of wisdom for you, I wish I did.

    I'm sending a hug from the US, A4 size :)