24 November 2011

Filofax Dashboard

Now i first saw the idea of a Dashboard in your Filofax on a flickr photo from app1eg on Flickr Link to Photo The photo is below, isn't it such a great idea to have it all in one place.

Filofax "Dashboard"
Not my Photo - Taken by app1eg, it is on Flickr Have a look Link to Photo

The idea is that when you open your Filofax you are greeted with things you need to buy, do etc, it can be anything, like on your Mac when you open the widgets on the dashboard it comes up with a calendar weather etc.....well the idea is very similar, except its things you have written and pictures you have obviously!

Yesterday, Tracy and I (@icclewu) were discussing her use of her post it notes holder, the Filofax one, here is a picture of mine so you know what I am on about if you do not have one.

So she uses the big post it note for to-do lists and the others to write little notes on, as well as using them as the flags they are supposed to be.

Tracy's dashboard :-) x

Tracy send me a picture to add to the blog post to show how she uses her Dashboard YAY!!

And this bought me back to seeing the above picture and the idea of a Dashboard.

Which made me create one in my Filofax on one of my beautiful pink dividers!

The top one is To-Do lists, ones that i need to do in my own time that are not as urgent, any normal to-do lists get done in my to-do list section. Confusing Aye? I had to cut it half so i had more room for other post it notes, next time I shall use a variety of sizes but this time i had to do it this way as i was at work on lunch.

The next one is things to buy, at the moment its just a huge list of pens, pens to get people for Christmas and pens i want so i can review and compare to other pens (i kind of like doing pen reviews they are FUN). I shall be ordering all these pens from Cult Pens.

The last one is next weeks blog idea, I have decided that i will have written down here at least one post a day (week days only, weekends i do not always get around to blogging, my work desk is so much more productive at lunch times and before and after work). But next week I shall be doing a Filofax Review a day! Mad? maybe! But i just fancied reviewing some of the Filofaxes I own that I haven't yet reviewed and some I haven't blogged about at all really. I will also be comparing the different sizes, expect proper DSLR photos!!!

If you do use this idea, thank app1eg on this photo Link to Photo for coming up with such an AMAZING idea!

If you like the pen i have written in PLEASE enter my competition to win a pack CLICK HERE


  1. I love my dashboard. It's the first thing I see when I open my Filofax in the morning, so let's me know what I need to do and things I need to keep in mind.
    I like the fact that once you're done you can just remove the piece you have finished with and voila, you can start again.
    I could send you a pic of mine if you want me too, to add to this post.

  2. That is such a good idea - loving it!!! Looking forward to the upcoming reviews :-)

  3. I do this as well! If stuff gets buried in the middle of my stuffed piggy Malden I am a lost woman. Lovely post!


  4. Hi Imy! i'm app1eg! :)
    I was shocked and pleasently surprised that u like my picture! Thank you for sharing it on your blog!