14 November 2011

Personal Cuban Zipped UNBOXING


A post man turned up a while ago and i was very surprised, i wasn't actually expecting any post, i was a bit like, hmmmm for me? really? but i haven't ordered anything.....

But then i realised what it was!!!! And i was excited, its a very QUICK unboxing as far as imysworld unboxing's go! But I just had to quickly share it with you!

With everything that has happened over the last week this really cheered me up :-) Thank you (there will be lots of in depth posts on this in the coming months). 

I just want to eat it, the colour is beautiful, it is just so smooth it doesn't even look like leather its beautiful!

The Cuban zipped is definitely a lovely organiser, after all i have it in A5 in Chilli Red!

Sorry its short i will be doing a "moving house" post tomorow!


  1. delicious!! i'm suddenly craving chocolates!!

  2. Oooh maybe I should buy one of those afterall, I just worry it will be too big to carry around with me all the time.

  3. that's awesome! I'm still waiting, waiting, WAITING for my personal Cuban Zip in Saddle Brown to arrive. The leather looks so glossy and luxurious!

  4. That is beautiful!!! I have my eye on the slimline in Chilli for Christmas(I think I have dropped enough hints) :o)

  5. Minnie - it is lovely :-) and definatly looks EDIBLE

    Josh - yes buy one!!! :-) you can put your phone in it too keep it safe as well, then you have EVERYTHING in your filofax ;-)

    Terriknits - you will love it when it eventually comes!!!

    LJ _ the chilli is beautiful :-) I have it in A5 ;-) hehe xxx