19 September 2012

Hobby Craft comes to TRURO!

I was driving home the other night stuck in the traffic when I saw a sign, out the corner of my eye, I squeeled with excitement, grabbed my phone and took a photo....


IT IS COMING ON 18 OCTOBER 2012!!!!!!!!

This is the most exciting news about Truro EVER, now we NEED A PAPERCHASE, I promise to make regular trips and buy things weekly if you open a shop here Paperchase, there are quite a few empty shops and I know EVERYONE would love it.

But for now the excitement rests around HobbyCraft

They are having an opening event on 20 October, which the first 100 customers through the door at 9am will get a prize, therefore, this girl.... IMOGEN is going to be there at 8:30am with a Starbucks waiting for the doors to open!!! I WANTS ME A PRIZE!



1 comment:

  1. Cool!!! I would love to have somewhere like Hobbycraft near me (although my other half is probably rather pleased that there isn´t one) :o)