30 November 2011

Starbucks on a Cold Day

This morning while i was on the bus i decided, I am having Starbucks this morning, just as i got off the bus i realised that all the Truro School children were walking down the road, and i didn't want to get caught behind them as they go to Starbucks in a long que and all...

Just as i got off the train there was a group of three in front of me, but they were walking fast, so i sort of put and extra ounce of effort in to get to Starbucks before them, yes i am a bitch sometimes..

As i got in to Strabucks i realised none of them were actually going in so i thought all that effort was for nothing... i was nearly at the front of the que, there was only one couple in front of me, but there is ALWAYS one who mucks everything up and means you have to wait AGES to get a drink!!

Finally i was served, I kinda nearly forgot i had to pay for it, after i asked my drink my feet started to walk away in the hope i wouldn't have to pay, seriously what was i thinking?? I think i may of lost it!!!!

But anwyay i got my drink and oh it is perfect!!!

My first Christmas cup of the year, so i documented it for you!!!

P.s. I ordered a Medium Signature Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! As its the drink with the least caffeine in it, how much caffeine is in hot chocolate?


  1. Sorry i pressed the wrong button

    kanalt has left a new comment on your post "Starbucks on a Cold Day":

    Ah, I love me some Starbucks. I'm one of those people who go a few times a week. A great cup of coffee or latte or hot chocolate can really make a day!

  2. I love the first red cup of the year! I had my first gingerbread latte of the ear yesterday, AMAZING. it's more like dessert in a cup than coffee frankly. but i don't care. it is the shizz.

    now i want more gingerbread latte and am wondering what i was thinking moving to a town 8 miles away from the nearest starbucks.